Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your questions about OMED21!

OMED21 is set to take place as a virtual event Oct. 22-24, with extended on-demand access to all conference CME and programming through Nov. 26. Read on for answers to all your OMED questions or contact us for additional information.

Q. When will I receive my CME attestation link?

All sessions are available for viewing through Nov. 26. The link to complete your Survey & CME Attestation will be available on the platform for attendees in a CME-eligible category. The link will be posted on the virtual OMED platform, OMED website and sent to the email address used in your OMED registration. Please remember to complete the CME survey, attestation and print your certificate by Dec. 31. Be sure to check your spam or junk email.

Q. How do I complete the attestation?

The attestation will have a listing of all CME-accredited sessions by day. Attendees will need to mark the sessions they attended, which will show the title, date and time of initial broadcast/live session. Note: The system will allow attendees to mark sessions and claim credit for concurrent sessions. The attestation will automatically calculate the appropriate amount of CME credits for all sessions that were marked as attended, up to the maximum amount of credits. Attendees will be able to “Save” the attestation for each day and view the final Transcript/Certificate to ensure that they have claimed the appropriate credit and marked all sessions that they attended. Once attendees are satisfied and have claimed credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity, they can click “Print Certificate” to receive a final copy of the certificate. Please be aware that you must complete your evaluation (titled as “Three Minute Survey”) before you can receive your certificate.

Attest to CME

Q. When will I receive a certificate of completion for my OMED credits?

Upon submission of the online attestation form, a verification letter/certificate for your earned credits can be immediately printed and/or emailed to the registration email. Please remember to complete both your evaluation and attestation by Dec. 31. The AOA also reports the credits you earned directly to the AOA Customer Resource Center, which posts the credits to your online CME Activity Report found on Please note that the AOA only provides letters of verification for credits earned during previous conferences upon request, so please direct those inquiries to (888) 62-MYAOA (888-626-9262).

Q. Will I receive a certificate if I am not a current AOA member or a DO?

Yes, upon submission of the online attestation form, a verification letter/certificate for your earned credits can be immediately printed and/or emailed to the registration email. Please remember to complete both your evaluation and attestation by Dec. 31.

Q. Which OMED sessions are available for CME Credit?

A general rule of thumb is that almost all specialty sessions, joint sessions and symposia are available for CME credit. You can view these sessions on the “Schedule” icon or “Symposia” icon on the OMED conference platform. There are a few exceptions for specialty sessions that do not offer CME. Keynotes/main stage events, wellness sessions, exhibits, student track programming, and other sessions do not offer CME.

Q. Do I have to participate in only the sessions for my specialty?

No, conference attendees may participate in any of the offered sessions across all specialties.

Q. What is the difference between AOA Category 1-A credit and 1-B credit?

Category 1 credit is designated for osteopathic CME activities. Category A activities are usually live, and Category B activities are not (with a few exceptions). Further details can be found in the CME Guide.

Q. What is the difference between AOA and AMA credits?

AOA CME credit is typically awarded for osteopathic CME activities, while AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ are typically awarded for allopathic CME activities. Both are equivalent. You should select which credit you plan to claim based on your requirements for board certification, state licensure, etc. Learn more.

Q. How can I find out how many CME credits I have?

If you’re an AOA member, you may view your CME Activity Report by logging into Members also have access to a personalized CME dashboard in the My AOA section of the website. Alternatively, you may contact the AOA’s Member Resource Center at (888) 62-MYAOA (888-626-9262) or via email.

Q. Why should I attend OMED21?

This is a historic time, and attending virtual OMED21 is one of the best opportunities this year to learn the latest trends, hear exclusive updates from the nation’s public health leaders and connect with your colleagues across the profession. OMED 2021, the must-attend CME event of the year for the osteopathic profession, will offer more 200 hours of cutting edge CME to help you take your practice of medicine to the next level.

Q. What is the deadline to register for the OMED 2021?

Registration is open through Nov. 19, 2021. Visit our registration page for more information.

Q. What does my registration for OMED include?

Access to CME programming with more than 100 hours of content available through Nov. 26. The registration fee permits you to attest up to 30 AOA Category 1-A credits and 20 Category 1-B credits or 50 AMA PRA Category 1-A Credits™ from across specialties.

Q. Which specialties will offer programming at OMED21?

OMED21 incorporates specialties across osteopathic medicine, including: Addiction Medicine, Allergy and Immunology, Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Neurology and Psychiatry, Occupational and Preventive Medicine, Osteopathy, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Prolotherapy, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Radiology, Surgery, and Sports Medicine. View additional details on participating specialty colleges.

Q. Will there be a digital program for OMED21?

Yes, you can view the virtual OMED21 program to learn more about what’s on tap for this year’s conference. A more detailed conference program and schedule will be shared soon.

Q. What time zone will be used for the OMED21?

All OMED sessions will take place in the Central Time Zone.

Q. Does my specialty receive a portion of my conference registration fee?

The AOA shares the revenue with all participating specialty colleges.

Q. Is there a student track at OMED 2021?

Yes, a student track will be offered. NEW! Students receive complimentary registration for OMED21.

Q. Is there a resident track at OMED 2021?

Yes, a resident track will be offered. NEW! Residents receive complimentary registration for OMED21.

Q. How long will the content from OMED 2021 be available?

All content from OMED 2021 will be available on demand through Nov. 26, 2021.

Q. How can I navigate the OMED 2021 exhibit hall?

Connect with exhibitors to learn about new products and services in the virtual event platform through Nov. 26. View the list of exhibitors.

Q. Will the sessions be recorded?

All sessions will broadcast at the scheduled time Friday, Oct. 22 – Sunday, Oct. 24, and will be available on-demand after the broadcast through Nov. 26.

Q. What if I have a question that I want to ask the faculty after the broadcast time?

You will be able to contact faculty via the virtual platform.

Q. Will I complete individual session evaluations?

Not all sessions will offer session and speaker evaluations. However, some may include a “Survey Link” at the top of the platform page for the session. These individual session evaluations are not linked to CME and are not mandatory, however, you are encouraged to complete the survey if you attend the lecture.

Completion of the overall conference evaluation and CME self-attestation is required in order to receive CME credit. These items will be accessible on the virtual platform.

Q. Where are the learning objectives?

The learning objectives can be found in the OMED21 Event Guide. Download the event guide Google Play or App Store.

Q. How do I access lecture slides?

Handouts will be available on the virtual platform.

Q. Is there a mobile app for OMED 2021?

The OMED21 Event Guide is available for download! The Guide allows attendees to build their own schedule, set meeting reminders, access conference FAQs, and connect with other attendees. Download the OMED21 Event Guide through the App Store and Google Play by following the links or searching “OMED 2021.”

Guide benefits:

• Build your own schedule

• Read about the speakers

• Access information about the exhibits and sponsors

• Take notes and export to review later

• Play the daily QR Scavenger Hunt and be entered into a raffle to win prizes!

Q. What special technology do I need to attend virtual OMED 2021?

We recommend using a computer or laptop with one of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox.

Safari, Internet Explorer and mobile devices are not fully compatible with the platform.

The platform does support iPhone 11 running v14, as well as newer iPads, Windows 10 w/Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, and most Macs running Chrome or Firefox.

We don’t recommend using your iPad. If you are using an iPad, we recommend ensuring your browser is updated with the most recent installation. If you see a black screen while trying to view sessions, we recommend switching to a computer or laptop for the duration of your time on the platform.

Additional tips: Close out all unnecessary tabs, refresh occasionally, disconnect from your VPN, keep your computer charged and stay close to your router, or use a direct ethernet connection.

Network: For the best wireless connection, we suggest staying in the same room or close to your router or using a direct ethernet connection.

Sound: Can’t hear? Check the sound level on your computer.

Browser audio, video, session issues, or blank screens: Refresh your browser with F5 Key (Windows) or Command + R (Mac). It may help to refresh multiple times.

Not fixed? Refresh cookies for OMED site. In Chrome on Windows, Max, or Android, Click the lock icon left of the website address, click Cookies (## in use), hit Remove for each, then hit Done. In Firefox on Windows or Mac, click the lock icon left of the website address, Clear Cookies & Site data, then Remove.

Still not fixed? Clear all browser history/cache with Ctrl+Shift+Delete (Windows) or Command+Shift+Delete (Mac).

Do not use your mobile phone for the platform. Although, we do recommend you use your phone for the OMED app via Guidebook. It is a great way to build your schedule.

Q. What is OMED?

Hosted by the American Osteopathic Association, OMED is an annual medical conference bringing together thousands of osteopathic physicians, medical students and other health professionals from across the country.

Q. What does OMED stand for?

OMED stands for Osteopathic Medical Education Conference.

Q. Where can I send feedback or suggestions?

The AOA constantly strives to improve your OMED experience. All feedback and suggestions are appreciated. Email or call the AOA’s Member Resource Center at (888) 62-MYAOA (888-626-9262). Please be sure to also complete the session and overall conference surveys.

Q. When will future OMED conferences be held?

OMED 2022: Oct. 27-30, in Boston, Massachusetts

OMED 2023: Oct. 6-9, in Orlando, Florida

OMED 2024: Sept. 19-22, in San Diego, California

OMED 2025: Sept. 25-28, in Nashville, Tennessee

OMED 2026: TBD

OMED 2027: September 24-26, in Phoenix, Arizona

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